Cookpad: The largest recipe database in Japan now in English

CookpadI’m pleased to inform you that the Allrecipes site of Japan, Cookpad, made it’s English language debut earlier this month. Although not every recipe from the Japanese version of the site has been translated as of yet, more recipes are set to follow. As of right now, the interface is rather simplistic but it gets the job done. According to Maki over at, the site’s recipes are translated by real human beings rather than computer generated script. Consequently, the recipes are readable and easy to follow.

I’ve used the Japanese version on occasion and I must say, I’m very relieved to see the site developing an English language counterpart. Although many of the recipes touch on Japanese cuisine, they also dabble in fusion style cuisine. This is a great chance for you to see what’s going in on the kitchens of your average Japanese household. You will likely be pleasantly surprised. Just as the Japanese site strove to do, most recipes on the English variant come complete with step-by-step photo documentation, making them extremely easy to follow. In most cases, even the original authors recipe notes and comments have been translated, a touch I just love.

So please, head on over to Cookpad and give some of the recipes a try!


One response to “Cookpad: The largest recipe database in Japan now in English

  1. Thanks for posting this! I just checked out the website and I’m probably going to make one of the fried udon dishes for tomorrow night’s dinner. I absolutely love how they post pictures for each step!

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