Hamburger World: your source for gourmet burgers around Tokai

Center4I’ve been meaning to post on here for a while now, but a lot has been happening as of late. First and foremost, my wife and I have been preparing for our imminent departure from Japan. After living here for roughly four years, we’ve decided that the time has come to return to Canada. However, we won’t be living in the Metro Van region after returning.

Come September, we’ll be relocating to the capital of Canada. You might be wondering, ‘Why Ottawa?’ Well, I was accepted into a masters program, so I’ll be studying while Janelle brings home the bacon…or at least the pork belly so I can make Kai’s famous bacon. Hmmm, I should really get that post up too, eh.

Corner HamburgerAnother reason for my absence is that in preparation for my masters program, I’ve been completing three long-distance undergrad courses while continuing to work full-time. On top of this, we’re preparing to move not just around the world, but also across the world’s second largest country. Hence a sever lack of downtime and a marked increase in stress.

However, sever lack of free time is not the same as none at all. To relax, a group of us have been travelling around Mie, Gifu, and Aichi to find the best burger joint. Our adventures have taken us to many heavenly places, including Gravy Burger, Burgerland, Brown Flavor, Cafe Zero, The Corner Hamburger & Saloon, & Center4 Hamburgers, among others.

We had to travel all the way to Okinawa to get some A&W :(

We had to travel all the way to Okinawa to get some A&W 😦

Unfortunately, most of those places require quite a bit of travelling to get to. Although there are restaurants in Yokkaichi that serve up proper burgers (Saru Cafe or Salt & Sugar – a truck service), I didn’t think that there was a dedicated burger shop. Luckily, as of late, several friends have mentioned rumors of a burger joint that has been right under my nose for years: Reds’ Burger Store. In fact, I’m almost positive I walked past its bright red sign over a year back after an enkai…and we all know how much we remember after an enkai.

A&WSo why am I rambling on and on about burgers? To put it rather succinctly, a good burger in Japan is extremely hard to come by. They’re out there – apparently – just not readily available. Hole in the wall diners are a dime a dozen in Japan, so the hunt is tough. Sifting through all the shop signs in your second language gets draining, so one often overlooks the blatantly obvious. Thanks to my friend Mike, though, the hunt just got a lot easier with this handy blog link: Hamburger World. You’ll need to be able to read Japanese to navigate it, but I wish I’d found this blog four years back. Sometimes, you just need to eat something that reminds you of home to take a bite out of homesickness. Hamburgers seem to do the trick.


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