About hodgepodge cookery

I love food. I can spend hours combing the net and pillaging books looking for novel ideas. Dreaming up new twists on old classics as I casually peruse some food porn. That’s right, food porn. We all love it, so why not just admit it.

I’ve been cooking since I was old enough to stand next to my mom in the kitchen. We used to pretend that we had our own TV show as we cooked together. Sometimes, I would pretend I was James Barber as I chatted away our invisible audience. My mom entrusted me with her love of cooking, so here I am now imparting to you the trials and tribulations of my kitchen.

I love the interactivity of the net. After posting a recipe, everyone can test it out and report their findings. Tailoring dishes to individual taste buds has become a shared experience. So please, in the comments, share your discoveries and help adjust the recipes! This is hodgepodge cookery after all, where we take inspiration from individuals around the world.

Speaking of which, I’m very interested in how food and culture intermingle. Something that might come up again and again in this blog is the question, “What is authentic?” In a world that is rapidly globalizing, where foods from other lands are becoming readily available in your local supermarket, our collective consciousness of cooking is being fundamentally altered. As someone trapped between two worlds (a European-Canadian living in Japan), I’m fascinated by this question. So please, join me as we explore our mutual love of food and culture together!


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