Deciphering Measurements

Right. Here we go.

Measurements are tricky beasts, especially when you generally cook by taste and smell rather than by precise weights and volumes. Additionally, we all have different concepts of a cup, pint, fluid ounce, pinch, dash, etc. For example, a cup in Japan is only 200ml whereas a cup in Canada is typically 250ml. I’ll be eliminating as much confusion as I can by avoiding all of the above (excepting pinch and dash) by sticking with the metric system.

Personally, I prefer not to measure. However, the only way to share recipes is by providing ballpark measurements, so I’ve taken to tasking myself with the daunting challenge of actually measuring while I cook. Truth be told, my spoons are often heaping…but it all works out in the end! This is Hodgepodge cookery after all, so stick with what you know: your personal tastes.

That said, I’ve done my damnedest to work out solid measurements to share with you. So please trust them and use them until you are comfortable enough with the recipe to venture off on your own and begin customising the dishes to your pallet. Also, do share your changes in the comments! I’d love to know what you’re doing differently.


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